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YearLecturers           TitleP
2009Guy Gratton
Mike Bromfield
Flight test: Supporting the investigation of factors affecting loss of control of light aircraft
2009Donald Malloy
David Kidman
Andrew Hughes
Techniques for Integrating Ground and Flight Test and Modeling and Simulation to Improve Aircraft Pr
2009Francesco Scorcelletti
Massimo Longo
Methodology for the optimization of the Fly-Away maneuver in case of engine failure during HOGE Oper
2009Jonas Grönberg
Per Badlund
Flight testing of airborne EW systems (RWR and ECM)
2009Patrick Svatek
Lawrence Nance
Too Much of a Good Thing: A Discussion on the Excessive Advisories, Cautions, and Warnings for the E
2009Christopher Eaton
Reagan Woolf
Flight Test Validation of the RQ-4 Block 20 Global Hawk Aerodynamic and Propulsive Models
2009Ramiro Carvalho
Gustavo Oliveira
Tamara Barros
A Set of Software Tools and Methodology for Model Driven Live Test Data Processing, Visualization an
2009Christina Politz
Malte Kreienfeld
Application of non-intrusive optical methods for in-flight flow visualisation
2009Alberto Rolando
Cesare Cardani
Paolo Chimetto
Academic experience with a very light aircraft-dedicated flight test instrumentations system
2009Bill NortonGlobal Hawk Block 20 Envelope Expansion
2009Mattias Bergström
Mikael Seidl
The Gripen Demonstrator Program – The First Phase Of Flight Tests
2009Ronald MenelloAESA / Automatic carrier landing system compatibility testing
2009Jonas LindeFlight testing – a part of the road to NVG introduction in SwAF
2009Martin Enqvist
Roger Larsson
Real-time aerodynamic model parameter identification
2009Chiawei LeeDetermining the Accuracy of Launch Acceptability Regions
2009Elwood Waddell
Timothy Jorris
David Vanhoy
Considerations when using confidence intervals to compare flight test data sets
2009John GrigaliunasFlight test and target acquisition modeling
2009Dean CaricoHelicopter/Ship Securing Test and Analytic Options
2009Peter Scheidler
Roy Hopkins
Robert Fortenbaugh
Autorotation, Windmill and Power Off Reconversion Testing of the BA609 Tiltrotor
2009LuĂ­s Gonzaga Trabasso
Edmar Thomaz da Silva
Celso Braga de Mendonca
Flight Test Perspectives In A Model Driven Design Scenario: A Case Study
2009Brooks FaurotDevelopment and Optimization of Flight Test Proposals
2009Fredrik WebsterLessons Learned from Modeling & Simulation Use in the Test and Evaluation Process. 55 Years of AFFTC
2008Robert Hierl
Oliver Brieger
Handling qualities testing of a highly unstable fighter
2008Bernhard ReppelmundGermany's Mission Equipment Carrier
2008Brian Kish
Gary Aldrich
Cooperate and Graduate
2008Alain Genini
Eric Lemane
Flight testing for UAV data link communication system (SIDM program)
2008Greg Urtz
David Schug
Improved Analysis Techniques for More Efficient Weapon Separation Testing
2008Henk VeermannHigh Accuracy In-flight Wing Deformation Measurements based on Optical Correlation Technique
2008Fritz BodenAdvanced optical in-flight measurements on deformation of wings and propeller blades
2008Johan GingbergWind envelope expansion testing of the JAS 39 Gripen
2008Bernhard Koderer
Gerhard Koehler
Providing Fighter Aircraft with a Flight Test Instrumentation Measurement System using the NGFP
2008Ruben CanizaresReview of a successful distributed networked and modular FTI implementation
2008Ruben CanizaresSystem wide synchronization in network-based Data Acquisition Systems
2008Heinz FuchsEurofighter-Typhoon Repaired Runway Trials
2008Robert HierlLearning from birds: testing of winggrids
2008Heiner NeumannFlight Testing a 1909 Etrich- Taube Replica
2008Davide Giacomazzi
Nicola Nannipieri
M-346 Aircraft - Flight Load Survey Activity
2008Massimo Longo
Giuseppe Afruni
Helo-Ship Interface Trials
2008Erol Ă–zgerHigh AoA Flight Testing with Eurofighter Apex Strakes Configuration
2008Gerhard Henselmann
Thomas Rumpf
Ingo Schwartz
HELLAS - Obstacle Warning System for Helicopters on the way to qualification
2008Robert BennerPerformance and Perception of Precision Approach and Landing Systems
2008Klaus SchröderA400M - The Big Challenge
2007Vincent RivronHow Testing Contributed to the A380 Certification
2007CĂ©sar GarcĂ­a de TorresEF2000 Environmental trials. The long way to all weather qualification
2007José Casado-Corpas
JesĂşs LĂłpez DĂ­ez
Real Time Prediction of the Flutter Onset Speed: Flutter Margin and Non-Linearities
2007Thomas LombaertsComputer Based Real-Time Damaged Aircraft Model Identification with Two Step Method and Modified Ste
2007Osmin DelverdierNoise Measurements for Acoustic Development and Certification: Flight Test Conditions
2007Luis Dávila
Erwin Weiss
Flight Test in Granada INTA Facilities
2007Alfredo GĂĽemes
JesĂşs MartĂ­n-LĂłpez
Antonio Fernández-López
Flight Test with Fiber Optic Sensors on SH-60B Sea-Hawk Helicopter
2007Richard FieldingTelemetry, Telecommand and Telecontrol – one system solves all
2007Fabien GarridoA380 Lightning and HIRF Transfer Functions Measurement
2007Jeffrey Canclini
Nicholas Evans
Challenges and Lessons Learned During the F-16E/F Block 60 Flight Test Program
2007Trevor StrandV-22 Osprey Short Take Off and Landing (Stol) Evaluation and Envelope Expansion
2007Tobias AnderssonFinal Development and Verification of a Ground Proximity Warning System
2007Andrea MareyIntegration Approach And Flight Testing Of A Wide Band Data Link Within A Multi-Link Network Study
2007Corstiaan KranenburgUAV In Civil Airspace - Outcast or Friend
2007Lester InghamCertification and Testing of UAV’S in South African Airspace
2007William GrayBoundary-Avoidance Tracking and It’s Use in Handling Qualities Evaluations
2007Dean CaricoRevisiting Aircraft Flight Simulator Acceptance Criteria
2006Dean CaricoInnovative Technologies to Support Future Ship-Based Flight Testing
2006Doug PearsonF-35 Joint Strike Fighter; plan for flight test
2006Joost van ToorenFuzzy Aerodynamic Modeling and Identification - Application to the F-16 Aerodynamic Model
2006Ian Moreno
John Teichert
Raptor Supersonic JDAM: Faster, Further, Longer
2006B MĂĽller
M Hinterwaldner
Wake Penetration – a Tumultuous Farewell of 1st Typhoon Prototype Aircraft
2006M Hecklau
U Göhmann
M Raffel
JĂĽrgen Kompenhans
F Klinge
Feasibility Study: Helicopter Blade Tip Vortex Positions Measured in Free Flight by Means of Stereos
2006Hans-Erik HansonJAS 39 Gripen. Wake Vortex Penetration Flight Testing
2006A Alonso Menéndez
R GĂłmez Blanco
Combined Systems Integration and EF-18 OFP 06 Validation and Verification Process in the Spanish Air
2006Brian Kish
John Minor
Steven Ross
Elwood Waddell
Using Variable-Stability Aircraft to Demonstrate Automated Aerial Refueling
2006JĂĽrgen Kompenhans
Tania Kirmse
Boleslaw Stasicki
Development of a Multi Camera System for Flap Gap Observation in Flight Testing
2006Patrick GirardAwiator Instrumentation - A Large-scale Application to A340
2006Arun KarwalWake Vortex Flight Testing in Recent EU Research Programs
2006Matthew BastianDevelopment of a Dynamic Self Configuring Data Acquisition System in a Distributed Multi-Node Aircra
2006Sandrine RoquesNephelometer: a Flight Test Probe for Cloud Characterisation
2006A Muis
J Oliveira
J Mulder
Development of a Flexible Flight Test Instrumentation System
2006Andrew Gill
Ian Kirk
Nimrod MRA4 Simultaneous Mission System and Air Vehicle Flight Testing
2006M SneddonInnovative Approach to the Definition of Flight Test Requirements through the Application of Integra
2006Lorenzo SaizEurofighter Handling Qualities Official Assessment
2006P Koks
J Buijs
F-16 Fighter Aircraft Flight Testing in the Netherlands
2006Paul Harmer
Richard Salasovich
Bomber Testing in the Digital World
2006J KlijnDevelopment of Flight Test Instrumentation: An Evolutionary Approach
2006P Booij
A Striegel
J van der Vorst
Recent developments for efficient helicopter ship qualification testing
2006Joshua Gorman
Trevor Strand
Stephen Augustin
Robert Mayer
V-22 Osprey Heavy Gross Weight Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) Evaluation
2006Stuart Hodgson
Andrew Shepherd
Innovations in Forward Centre of Gravity Testing for Harrier Aircraft
2005Andrew Gill
Alex Bellamy
Flight Testing the Nimrod MRA4
2005Richard Salasovich
Paul Harmer
A Year of Bomber Test - Legacy and Lessons Learned
2005Ronald Harney Ship Suitability Testing - Preparing for the Future
2005Gerhard Mayer
Steve Lyons
Timothy Chalfant
Telemetry Band Augmentation: An Agenda Item at the Next World Radio Communication Council
2005Chris Greenbank
Alec Ayliffe
Assessing Human Factors in UK Military UAVs
2005John J Spravka
Deborah A Moisio
Mary G Payton
Unmanned Air Vehicles: A New Age in Human Factors Evaluations
2005Per Weinerfelt
Thomas Lampe
Yngve Sedin
Flight Test Verification of a Wake Vortices Model
2005Andrzej Panas
Janusz Terpilowski
Piotr Waslicki
Transient Temperature Measurements During In-Flight and Wind Tunnel Investigations of Icing Phenome
2005Hans-Christoph Oelker Introduction of a Workflow Tool in Support of Information Management within a Flight Test Organisat
2005David Kidman
Donald Malloy
Allan Webb
Knowledge Gained from F/A-22/F119 Propulsion System Ground and Flight Test Analysis
2005Grzegorz Kowaleczko Simulations and Reconstructions of Aircraft Flights and Accidents
2005George Kailiwai The United States Air Force Flight Test Center Experiment in Experimental Design
2005David Roberts
Aaron Judy
Separation Flight Tests of a Small Unmanned Air Vehicle from a C-130 Transport Aircraft
2005Altan Kayran Flight Flutter Testing of a Transport Aircraft with Wing Mounted Store Suspension - Lessons Learned
2005Simone Duranti
Viktor Malmfors
Flight Test of the Autonomous Take Off and Landing Functions of the SHARC Technology Demonstrator
2005Hilbert Gustafsson
Bengt Persson
The Flight of Phoenix
2005Claes Danielsson
Thomas Hylander
Bengt Olsson
Rolf Andersson
Swedish Evaluation of a MALE UAV-System in Civil and Military Airspace from a Civilian Airport
2005PK Raveendran
Malteesh Prabhu
Tejas Flight Test: Lessons Learned So Far
2005Paolo Chimetto
Rodolfo Carabelli
Early Flights Achievement with the Aermacchi M-346 Advanced Trainer
2005Mark Jordan Adding New Instrumentation to Aircraft Platforms
2005Rodney Bogue
Henk Jentink
Optical Air Flow Measurements for Flight Tests and Flight Testing Optical Air Flow Meters
2005Denis Lafourcade Conduct of Flight Tests and On-Board Computing for the A380
2005Ryan Murphy
Reid Wiseman
Christina Stack
T-45 Stability Augmented Steering Systems
2004Guy Gratton
Simon Newman
The Tumble Mode - Where Test Pilots Fear to Tread!
2004Landon Henderson
Jeffrey DeJoannis
"Zoomie" Sailplane Spin Recovery and Crosswind Testing
2004Leo Janssens
Jason Russel
FAA Certification of the Liberty XL2
2004Claudio Girolami
Gianluca Evangelisti
Mauro Quadro
C27J Spartan - Paratroopers and loads airdrop qualification flight testing
2004Rob Humphries
Mark Godsland
Parachute Systems Testing - A Team Effort
2004Richard HuffmanGrowing the Raptor's Talons: F/A-22 Weapon Separation Testing
2004Rikard Bergsten
Anders Erlandsson
Johannes Joubert
An Effective and Multinational Gripen Store Separation Test Team
2004Ralf Vautz
Max Biedermann
Integration Approach and Flight Testing of an Experimental Multi-Platform Sensor Correlation System
2004Todd Ericson
Anthony Walker
Travis Higgs
F-16 Heavy Gross Weight Envelope Expansion Testing
2004RKS Bhadauria
PK Raveendran
Role of Flight Test in Bridging Technology Gap
2004Mike Adam-Swales
David McCullum
New for Old - Re-engining a Helicopter with Modern, Digitally Controlled Gas Turbines
2004Paul Hopkins
Phil O'Dell
John Bewick
Testing of a New Engine for Hawk
2004A Sheludko
N Onopchenko
V Pugachyov
2004Viktor Malmfors
Jonas Samuelsson
Simone Duranti
Flight Testing the SAAB UAV Demonstrator SHARC
2004Eduardo Menini
Gilberto Cardoso
Embraer 170/190 - A Team Effort in Designing and Testing the Angle of Attack Limiting System
2004Edward Strongman
Didier Ronceray
A340-600 Take Off Rotation Law and the Tailstrike Prevention Feature
2004Etienne deMallerayLow Speed M88 Test Campaign
2004Alex Bremridge
Mark Bowman
Automatic Low Speed Recovery
2004James Brown
Vanessa Rebello
Richard Huffman
The Raptor is now a Fighter: F/A22 Gun Integration Testing
2003Thomas Grohs
Oliver Brieger
X-31 VECTOR - Taking ESTOL to the Ground
2003T Donaldson A Team Approach to the 1st Typhoon AMRAAM Guided Firing
2003Roberto Vercelli
Ivan Prisco
The C-27J Spartan - An overview of the joint Alenia and Lockheed Martin Flight Test Program.
2003Henk Jentink
Wim Wegereef
Test Methods for Autonomously Guided Parachute Delivery Systems
2003Henrik Eriksson
Bengt Wall
Flight Test of New Integrated Navigation System (NINS) and New Integrated Landing System (NILS)
2003Alessandra Saroglia
Maurizio Spinoni
C-27J Tactical Transport Aircraft: Ground Testing Experiences in a Partnership Programme
2003Michel Baradat FANS validation testing for Airbus aircraft
2003Jerker Karlsson
Peter Weiss
2003Rodolfo Carabelli
Paolo Chimetto
Collaborative Flight Test, The Aermacchi M-346 Case
2003Reinhard Exner
Matthias Nitsche
The Hellenic Air Force F-4E Avionic Upgrade Program, A Joint Venture
2003A Narozhnyy
D Nikonov
M Onopchenko
M Stefanyshyn
2003A Bucharles
P Vacher
J Roubertier
C Daudet
F Dessillons
New Flutter Flight Test Identification Method Developed for Large and Flexible Aircraft - MEFAS
2003Georges Martins
Dominique Lemaire
2003Marco Soijer
Peter Krause
Martin Vannahme
Joint Development of Multiplatform Analysis Tools in the Eurofighter Flight Test Programme
2002Helmut Plankl System Engineering, Development and Verification with Next Generation of Ground Test Tools
2002Hervé Garchette
Philippe Ricco
François-Henri Worm
2002Peter Krause
Andrew Thurling
Gert Schuch
Peter Weiss
2002John Stones Requirements for and benefits of adopting synthetic aircraft systems test and evaluation methods
2002Simeon SchĂĽrer
Marco Soijer
Hans-Christoph Oelker
Assessment of Parallel Simulation on the Basis of Eurofighter 2000 Flight Dynamics
2002Thomas Grohs Tools and Methods used in preparation of Flighttesting ESTOL Control Laws with X-31 VECTOR
2002Carl Ockier Flight Testing of the New Eurocopter EC145 Medium Twin Helicopter
2001M Gado
Stefano Cerutti
Distributed Simulated Flight Tests at Alenia Aeronautica
2001Nils PĂĄhlssonA Walk Through Metrology
2001Michel GoulainVibration tests for human factors purpose using COGNILAB
2001Mats Karlsson
Klas Andersson
MĂĄrten Staaf
Aerodynamic and flight dynamic real-time analysis during spin and carefree manouvering tests of the
2001Marco SoijerAssessment of FPR-Driven Tunnel-in-the-Sky Displays
2001Francesco Bindi
G Pepicelli
Alenia Aeronautica Flight Test Activity for C27J Civil Certification in Icing Conditions
2001Erik KullbergHandling Qualities in Turbulence Landing
2001David Zammit_Mangion
Martin Eshelby
Flight Test Integration with Take-off Performance Monitor Development
2001Björn KullbergThe CHR-Transform
2001Inger DackemyrProboTools the ultimate tool for the whole test process.
2001Sandrine RoquesAirborne Probe for Icing Characterisation during Certification Flight Test
2001Leif Askmalm
Fredrik Qwarfort
Quick photogrammetric separation analysis for the Gripen test program
2001Jerker Karlsson
Paul Holmstedt
Real-Time Presentation System -The Basis For Modern Flight Testing
2001Gerhard Henselman
Martin Kraus
The EADS Military Aircraft Flight Test Centre Manching Challenging Environment of Economics and Tech
2001Hans SidénThe Development of Flight Test Instrumentation at Saab
2001Erik KullbergSimulation of Flight in Wing Tip Vortex
2000Laurent Lapierre In Service Event Analysis - a Flight Test Continuity
2000Dean Carico
Chuck Slade
Fiber Optic Ship Flight Deck Lighting for the New Millenium
2000M Salvatore
P Macor
Microwave Landing System Integration on IAF Tornado
2000David Roberts Innovations of the SUU-25F/A Flare Dispenser Pod Flight Test Program on the U.S. Navy F/A-18A Aircr
2000Roberto Sabatini
Flavio Guercio
A Marciante
G Campo
Laser Guided Bombs and Convertible Designation Pod Integration on Italian Tornado-IDS
2000Rodolfo Carabelli
G Gamalero
Alenia Flight Test: Where We Are Today and What We Are Doing for Our Future
2000M BenvegnĂą
M D'Urso
EMC System Tests on Aircraft
2000Chris Duckling Solid State Recorders for FTI
2000Mattias Bergström
Erik Söderström
Magnus Tormalm
The Introduction of Desktop Simulations in the Carefree manoeuvring Flight Test Program of JAS39 Gr
2000James Ford
Jay Bernheisel
Thomas Hane
Development of the New Airborne Icing Tanker
2000Allan Webb
Donald Malloy
David Kidman
Application of Modelling and SimulationTechniques to Propulsion System Data Validation and Analysis
2000Urban Blom Probo Tools Stella - a 4th Generation Data Analysis System
2000H Cassan Trouble Shooting Using Behaviour of Intrusive Noise
2000Marco Soijer Data Acquisition and Analysis Software as Real Time Processes
2000A Hass
D Ron
A Malul
A New Store Separation Test Method - Status Update
2000Rodney Davis
Joseph Turner
Flight Test Modified Mean Filter (A.K.A The Spike Killer)
2000Candida Olney
Heather Hillebrandt
Eric Reichenbach
An Evaluation Technique for an F/A-18 Aircraft Loads Model Using F/A-18 Systems Research Aircraft F
2000Sam Storm van Leeuween
T Haringa
Military Qualification of Fighter Aircraft in the Netherlands
2000G Pepicelli
V Afeltra
ATR 42 MP - Certification Program
2000Simon Turner Weapons Testing With a Civilian Test Pilot School
2000Anatoly Kruglov
Thomas Enyart
The Story of the Ilyushin-96T and the US-Russian Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
2000Alec Ayliffe
Gerald Schofield
UK Certification of Military UAVS
2000M Carter
P Wilson
Nimrod MRA4 - The Mighty Hunter
2000V Giordano
D Coiro
F Nicolosi
Flight Tests and Virtual Simulation of G97 Light Aircraft
2000Andrew Thurling
Andrew Adams
Kelly Greene
Shahnaz Punjani
Improving Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Handling Qualities by Compensating for Time Delay
2000Luigi Pascale
Francesco Marulo
Fabrizio Ricci
Assessment and Evolution of the Design of Ultralight Airplanes
2000Lee Peron F-22 Initial High Angle-of-Attack Flight Test Results
2000Mats Gustavson Testing of Long Range Weaponry
2000Daniel Hrehov What Instrumentation Engineers Need to Know About Lightning
2000Meinhard Schmuecker Low Cost Method to Check Long Term Behaviour of FTI for In-Flight Loads Measurement
2000Lee Eccles IEEE P1451.3 A Standard for Networked Transducers
2000Andreas Kaschub Flight Test Installation for Airbus A320 HLF Fin Programme
2000Alfredo Berard
Lee Gardner
James Garling
Managing and acquiring Test Data in the Information Age
2000J Klijn
P Koks
G Kobus
New Flight Test Instrumentation for the RNLAF F-16 MLU Aircraft
1999Ulf Bladh The New Dynamic Flight Simulator for the Swedish Air Force
1999Marco Soijer Angle-of-Attack Vane Calibration in Non-stationary Flight
1999Nat Raimondo
Tom Macdonald
GPS as a TSPI Source on T&E Ranges, an Update and a Look into the Future
1999John Dickens EJ 200 Engine Integration into Eurofighter Typhoon
1999Matthias Cremer Integrated Measurement System in a Nose Boom of a Dornier 128-6
1999Jacques Da_Canal
Nathalie Nikels
The Instrumentation and Data Processing for Airbus Future Air Navigation System Flight Tests
1999Nat Raimondo
William Ellis
Peter Travis
British and United States Participation in a Demonstration of GPS Range Instrumentation
1999Claudio Lanari
Andrey Matveev
YAK/AEM 130 Jet Trainer: Flight Test Program Overview
1999Roberto Sabatini
Salvatore Vignola
Flavio Guercio
Eye-safety Analysis of Tactical Laser Systems
1999Alex Karolys
Bruce Swanson
Pressure Belt - A Smart Sensor Network System for Flight Test
1999Henk Jentink Flight Tests to Investigate Supercooled Large Droplets in Icing Conditions
1999Karl Bährle Test Principles and Analysis Methods Applied during the Tornado Self Protection Jammer TSPJ on Airc
1999Roberto Sabatini Precise DGPS and DGPS/INS Trajectography for Flight Testing
1999Paul Ellis The Jetstream Flying Testbed
1999Ken Ham
Henry Melton
Michael Tribino
Developing the Crosswind Takeoff and Landing Envelope for the F/A-18E/F "Super Hornet"
1999S Ronig
G Wende
High Precision Flight Performance Determination with GPS
1999Mattias Hansson Technical/Tactical Evaluation of the JAS 39 Gripen Aircraft
1998Andrew Tracey Flight Testing Forward Infra-Red and Night Vision Goggle Systems on Tornado GR4 and F3
1998Matthew Chapman
Jonas StĂĄlhand
BAe Hawk Helmet Mounted Sight Development Flight Trials
1998Christian Lopez
Patrick Girard
"Gloves" Technique for the Measurement of the Flow Field
1998J Klijn The Instrumentation for the ESA Parafoil Technology Demonstrator Test Vehicle
1998Steven Davis C-130 Nose Radome Anti-ice Flight Test
1998Tor Stavöstrand New Requirements for Modeling of Aerodynamic Functions
1998Ken Ham
Henry Melton
Bret Marks
Single Engine Minimum Control Airspeed Evaluation of the F/A-18E/F
1998Roberto Sabatini Tactical Laser Systems Performance Prediction, Simulation and Flight Testing
1998Anders Erlandsson Efficient weapon/store release trajectory analysis
1998Ted Uren Framework for technical competencies within Aircraft Test and Evaluation (AT&E) sector of the UK De
1998Kenneth Rawlings
Michael Marquardt
Carolyn Michels
Managing Flight Test with Metrics and Models - The B-2 Experience
1998Olle Hultgren
Terje Moberg
Saab 105 "SK60" Re-Engine Programme
1998Bo Ahremark
Urs Keller
Evaluation of Handling Qualities and Flutter of a Sabreliner Model 40 with Long Externally Mounted
1998V Pennetta Tornado F Mk 3 (ADV) AAR Trials from IAF B707 T/T with a new Drogue
1998Scott Hoffman
Michael Heller
Development of Improved High Angle of Attack Controllability in the F/A-18E/F
1998Luigi Pascale
Francesco Marulo
Fabrizio Ricci
Preliminary Comparison Between Flight Test Results on a Low Wing and High Wing Ultralight Airplanes
1997Charles Dessonet Avionics Validation and Test Systems
1997Jean-Marc Alec
Christian Barde
Aircraft On Board Digital Bus Multiplex
1997Guy Piot Multi Sources, Multi Chassis Modular Accuisition System
1997Gilles Comelli Measurements from camera film or video sources
1997Bernard Sutra MAGISS, Built-in Flexible-Structure Anti-G Module
1997Michel Briffe Head Up Display Development and Certification for Falcon 2000
1997Peter Parten MIG 29G Range Extension Program
1997Klas Andersson
Magnus Tormalm
The JAS 39 Gripen High Angle of Attack and Carefree Manoeuvering Tests
1997Pascal Joly Trajectography Application Enhancements Through the Use of Differential GPS
1997Pierre Matal Loads Measurement in Flight Tests
1997Bernard Albouy MIRA - Aicraft Rotational Motion Tool in Anechoic Chamber
1997Joachim Kutka Air-to-Ground Standoff Missile Apache Integration on German Tornado
1997R Harrison Eurofighter - an Integrated Team Using Real Time Processes
1997Laurent Gathier Dassault Aviation - Flight Test Centres
1996C Keating The use of Differential GPS and a Hot Air Balloon for the Measurement of Helicopter Noise and Deter
1996Marie Goester
Yannick Diascorn
Test Methodology for Evaluation of Supercooled Large Droplets Effects
1996Lars-Ă…ke Holm
Jan Uhlin
SAAB MA Philosophy of Rig, Ground and Flight Testing Within the Systems and Flight Test Department
1996R Burton Loads Measurement Trials on Sea Harrier Undercariage During Ship Operations
1996Wilhelm Wessels The Characteristics of a "One-Stop" Test Range Service
1996D Canziani
D Bramé
V Pennetta
MB-339CD - In Flight Refuelling - Handling, Performance and Docking Trials
1996Michael Herr
Paul Butcher
The European Fighter Aircraft EF2000 Flight Test Programme Overview
1996K Edwards The Development of a Helicopter Visually-Coupled System Research Facility
1996Hans Brugman Video for Flight Test
1996Michael Norman Practical Telemetry in a Varied Test and Evaluation Environment
1996Alan Bezer
Duncan Webb
The Development and Management of Flight Test Instrumentation Systems for Operational Load Measurem
1996Zvi Shtayman Testing F/T New Technologies During a Certification Program
1996Kristin Strääf The Flight Test Instrumentation and Data Processing Systems Used for the JAS 39B Flight Tests
1996Luigi Pascale
Francesco Marulo
Flight Tests of a Type Certified Light Airplane
1996A R J Taylor The Pilatus PC12 Stall Protection System
1996P Duranti
Simone Duranti
Development and Flight Testing of an Electrically Powered Motor Glider
1995Susan Whitley
Ricardo Traven
Alan Frazier
Developing Flight Test Techniques to Ensure Proper Rigging of Highly Augmented Aircraft
1995James Sergeant VISTA/F-16 Flight Test Program Overview
1995Alberto Folchini The Use of a Two Place ULM as a Flying Workbench for University Research and Students Training
1995Sean Roberts
Wendell Shawler
Safety and Flight Test
1995Arne Andersson Upgrading A/C 37 SAAB Viggen
1995Thomas Pugh U-2S Engine Flight Test Program
1995Olle Nyrinder
Sture Rodling
From MECS to PECS - Testing of the SAAB 2000 Elevator Control Systems
1995Paul Conigliano
Eric Ryberg
F-14 Digital Flight Control System: Integration, Simulation and Flight Test Update
1995Andrew Gill Flight Test Techniques for Weapon/Store Release Trajectory Analysis
1995H Friehmelt
S Weiss
D Rohlf
E Plaetschke
Using Single Surface Excitation for X31 System Identification at High AoA
1995Lee Peron
David Cloughley
Techniques used for the evaluation of Handling Qualities and Pilot-in-the-loop oscillation suscepti
1995William Norton Airload Flight Testing: New Realities and Old Methods
1995Richard McQuillan Realization of the EW T&E Process
1995Björn Kullberg HQDT - a Method for Predicting Handling Qualities in High Performance Aircraft
1995Mauro Quadro
M Gado
P Pellandino
Application of Differential GPS to Flight Testing - Experience Gained by Alenia Flight Test
1995Bengt Dellby GPS-Transponder - an Efficient Tool for Test Ranges
1995James Lackey
John Wheeler
A GPS Aided Altitude Reference Source for Air Data Testing
1995Börje Hjort
Anders Erlandsson
A Camera for Wide Angle Diffraction Optics HUD Image Reproduction. Realization and Applications in
1995Allen Smith Test Data Monitor System
1995Richard Ogburn The Modular Data Acquisition System (MODAS) and its role in UK Mod Flight Trials
1995Didik Permadi CN235-MIL Vehicle Transport Version Flight Test Program
1995Guy Destarac A 300-600 ST "Beluga" - Flight Tests
1995David Gibbings Rotodyne, the airliner whose hour came too soon
1995Reinhard Exner The X31-A Quasi-Tailless Flight Experiment
1995Ronald Hart
Kenneth Rawlings
B-2 Flight Test Program - Where are We?
1995Dennis Floyd Boeing 777-200 Flight Test Program Progress Report
1995Manfred Krebs
Max Biedermann
Modification and Testing of a Tupolev TU-i54M Aircraft for "Open Skies" Arial Observation
1994Frank Kaiser An 8-Cannel In-Flight Interior Acoustic Noise Analyzer for Production Flight Test
1994Paul Marchant Rugged Silicon Accelerometers for Flight Test Applications
1994A Fonseca
J Lima
The Portuguese Flight Test Facility
1994Chris Bound
Colin McDonald
The Development and Introduction of Flight Test Engineer Data Analysis System at A&AEE
1994Mervyn Knight
Alan Bezer
Use of Inexpensive Commercial Equipment to Reduce the Cost of Flight Test Instrumentation
1994Etienne Fellmann Monitoring Tools Used for A340/A330/A321 Flight Controls and Avionics Flight Test
1994C Leese Flight Testing of the Tornado Mid Life Update (GR4)
1994Paul Louwaard How to Make a Fokker 70 Prototype in Six Months
1994G Arpaia
G Campo
Convertible Laser Designation POD: Integration Flight Test Experience Acquired on Italian IDS Torna
1994Sam Storm van Leeuween
Ron van de Leijgraaf
A Position Reference System for Flight Tests Based on GPS/IRS Integration
1994C Bogers
P Manders
A Flight Test Avionics Data Acquisition System for Future Fokker Aircraft
1994M Kennedy Assessment of the Datalink System on Tornado ADV
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Flutter Testing Methods at SAAB Military Aircraft
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Identification of Turboprop Thrust from Flight Test Data
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Flight Testing of the German Tornado Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance Aircraft
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Development of an Interim Tiald Capability
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Rooivalk Attack Helicopter - a Flight Test Overview
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The Radio Trials Centre at A&AEE Boscombe Down - a Description
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Qualification of an Anti-Ship Missile for Carriage in the MB-339 Aircraft
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Automatic Analysis of Images at Alenia Flight Test
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HERF/HIRF Testing - The new HERF Test Site at MBB Manching
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Aerospatiale Aircraft Division Flight Test Facilities
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X-31: First International "X" Program
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Flight Test Techniques, Simulation and Data Analysis during a High Angle-of-Attack Vortex Flow Cont
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Data Analysis in Flight Testing
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1991B Martino Laser Warning Reciever Flight Trials
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Santo Cogliandro
Gun Muzzle Flash - M61A1 Gun in the AM-X Aircraft
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P-180 Icing Flight Test Results
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Advanced Flight Test Data System for Next Generation Aircraft Programmes
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Automatic Treatment of Flight Test Images using Modern Tools: SAAB and Aeritalia Joint Approach
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