Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
2009Guy Gratton
Mike Bromfield
Flight test: Supporting the investigation of factors affecting loss of control of light aircraft
2009Donald Malloy
David Kidman
Andrew Hughes
Techniques for Integrating Ground and Flight Test and Modeling and Simulation to Improve Aircraft Pr
2009Massimo Longo
Francesco Scorcelletti
Methodology for the optimization of the Fly-Away maneuver in case of engine failure during HOGE Oper
2009Jonas Grönberg
Per Badlund
Flight testing of airborne EW systems (RWR and ECM)
2009Lawrence Nance
Patrick Svatek
Too Much of a Good Thing: A Discussion on the Excessive Advisories, Cautions, and Warnings for the E
2009Christopher Eaton
Reagan Woolf
Flight Test Validation of the RQ-4 Block 20 Global Hawk Aerodynamic and Propulsive Models
2009Ramiro Carvalho
Gustavo Oliveira
Tamara Barros
A Set of Software Tools and Methodology for Model Driven Live Test Data Processing, Visualization an
2009Christina Politz
Malte Kreienfeld
Application of non-intrusive optical methods for in-flight flow visualisation
2009Alberto Rolando
Cesare Cardani
Paolo Chimetto
Academic experience with a very light aircraft-dedicated flight test instrumentations system
2009Bill NortonGlobal Hawk Block 20 Envelope Expansion
2009Mattias Bergström
Mikael Seidl
The Gripen Demonstrator Program – The First Phase Of Flight Tests
2009Ronald MenelloAESA / Automatic carrier landing system compatibility testing
2009Jonas LindeFlight testing – a part of the road to NVG introduction in SwAF
2009Roger Larsson
Martin Enqvist
Real-time aerodynamic model parameter identification
2009Chiawei LeeDetermining the Accuracy of Launch Acceptability Regions
2009Timothy Jorris
David Vanhoy
Elwood Waddell
Considerations when using confidence intervals to compare flight test data sets
2009John GrigaliunasFlight test and target acquisition modeling
2009Dean CaricoHelicopter/Ship Securing Test and Analytic Options
2009Peter Scheidler
Roy Hopkins
Robert Fortenbaugh
Autorotation, Windmill and Power Off Reconversion Testing of the BA609 Tiltrotor
2009Edmar Thomaz da Silva
Celso Braga de Mendonca
Luís Gonzaga Trabasso
Flight Test Perspectives In A Model Driven Design Scenario: A Case Study
2009Brooks FaurotDevelopment and Optimization of Flight Test Proposals
2009Fredrik WebsterLessons Learned from Modeling & Simulation Use in the Test and Evaluation Process. 55 Years of AFFTC