Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
2008Robert Hierl
Oliver Brieger
Handling qualities testing of a highly unstable fighter
2008Bernhard ReppelmundGermany's Mission Equipment Carrier
2008Brian Kish
Gary Aldrich
Cooperate and Graduate
2008Alain Genini
Eric Lemane
Flight testing for UAV data link communication system (SIDM program)
2008Greg Urtz
David Schug
Improved Analysis Techniques for More Efficient Weapon Separation Testing
2008Henk VeermannHigh Accuracy In-flight Wing Deformation Measurements based on Optical Correlation Technique
2008Fritz BodenAdvanced optical in-flight measurements on deformation of wings and propeller blades
2008Johan GingbergWind envelope expansion testing of the JAS 39 Gripen
2008Bernhard Koderer
Gerhard Koehler
Providing Fighter Aircraft with a Flight Test Instrumentation Measurement System using the NGFP
2008Ruben CanizaresReview of a successful distributed networked and modular FTI implementation
2008Ruben CanizaresSystem wide synchronization in network-based Data Acquisition Systems
2008Heinz FuchsEurofighter-Typhoon Repaired Runway Trials
2008Robert HierlLearning from birds: testing of winggrids
2008Heiner NeumannFlight Testing a 1909 Etrich- Taube Replica
2008Davide Giacomazzi
Nicola Nannipieri
M-346 Aircraft - Flight Load Survey Activity
2008Giuseppe Afruni
Massimo Longo
Helo-Ship Interface Trials
2008Erol ÖzgerHigh AoA Flight Testing with Eurofighter Apex Strakes Configuration
2008Gerhard Henselmann
Thomas Rumpf
Ingo Schwartz
HELLAS - Obstacle Warning System for Helicopters on the way to qualification
2008Robert BennerPerformance and Perception of Precision Approach and Landing Systems
2008Klaus SchröderA400M - The Big Challenge