Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
2007Vincent RivronHow Testing Contributed to the A380 Certification
2007CĂ©sar GarcĂ­a de TorresEF2000 Environmental trials. The long way to all weather qualification
2007José Casado-Corpas
JesĂşs LĂłpez DĂ­ez
Real Time Prediction of the Flutter Onset Speed: Flutter Margin and Non-Linearities
2007Thomas LombaertsComputer Based Real-Time Damaged Aircraft Model Identification with Two Step Method and Modified Ste
2007Osmin DelverdierNoise Measurements for Acoustic Development and Certification: Flight Test Conditions
2007Luis Dávila
Erwin Weiss
Flight Test in Granada INTA Facilities
2007JesĂşs MartĂ­n-LĂłpez
Antonio Fernández-López
Alfredo GĂĽemes
Flight Test with Fiber Optic Sensors on SH-60B Sea-Hawk Helicopter
2007Richard FieldingTelemetry, Telecommand and Telecontrol – one system solves all
2007Fabien GarridoA380 Lightning and HIRF Transfer Functions Measurement
2007Jeffrey Canclini
Nicholas Evans
Challenges and Lessons Learned During the F-16E/F Block 60 Flight Test Program
2007Trevor StrandV-22 Osprey Short Take Off and Landing (Stol) Evaluation and Envelope Expansion
2007Tobias AnderssonFinal Development and Verification of a Ground Proximity Warning System
2007Andrea MareyIntegration Approach And Flight Testing Of A Wide Band Data Link Within A Multi-Link Network Study
2007Corstiaan KranenburgUAV In Civil Airspace - Outcast or Friend
2007Lester InghamCertification and Testing of UAV’S in South African Airspace
2007William GrayBoundary-Avoidance Tracking and It’s Use in Handling Qualities Evaluations
2007Dean CaricoRevisiting Aircraft Flight Simulator Acceptance Criteria