Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
2006Dean CaricoInnovative Technologies to Support Future Ship-Based Flight Testing
2006Doug PearsonF-35 Joint Strike Fighter; plan for flight test
2006Joost van ToorenFuzzy Aerodynamic Modeling and Identification - Application to the F-16 Aerodynamic Model
2006Ian Moreno
John Teichert
Raptor Supersonic JDAM: Faster, Further, Longer
2006B Müller
M Hinterwaldner
Wake Penetration – a Tumultuous Farewell of 1st Typhoon Prototype Aircraft
2006Jürgen Kompenhans
F Klinge
M Hecklau
U Göhmann
M Raffel
Feasibility Study: Helicopter Blade Tip Vortex Positions Measured in Free Flight by Means of Stereos
2006Hans-Erik HansonJAS 39 Gripen. Wake Vortex Penetration Flight Testing
2006A Alonso Menéndez
R Gómez Blanco
Combined Systems Integration and EF-18 OFP 06 Validation and Verification Process in the Spanish Air
2006Elwood Waddell
Brian Kish
John Minor
Steven Ross
Using Variable-Stability Aircraft to Demonstrate Automated Aerial Refueling
2006Tania Kirmse
Boleslaw Stasicki
Jürgen Kompenhans
Development of a Multi Camera System for Flap Gap Observation in Flight Testing
2006Patrick GirardAwiator Instrumentation - A Large-scale Application to A340
2006Arun KarwalWake Vortex Flight Testing in Recent EU Research Programs
2006Matthew BastianDevelopment of a Dynamic Self Configuring Data Acquisition System in a Distributed Multi-Node Aircra
2006Sandrine RoquesNephelometer: a Flight Test Probe for Cloud Characterisation
2006J Mulder
A Muis
J Oliveira
Development of a Flexible Flight Test Instrumentation System
2006Andrew Gill
Ian Kirk
Nimrod MRA4 Simultaneous Mission System and Air Vehicle Flight Testing
2006M SneddonInnovative Approach to the Definition of Flight Test Requirements through the Application of Integra
2006Lorenzo SaizEurofighter Handling Qualities Official Assessment
2006P Koks
J Buijs
F-16 Fighter Aircraft Flight Testing in the Netherlands
2006Paul Harmer
Richard Salasovich
Bomber Testing in the Digital World
2006J KlijnDevelopment of Flight Test Instrumentation: An Evolutionary Approach
2006P Booij
A Striegel
J van der Vorst
Recent developments for efficient helicopter ship qualification testing
2006Trevor Strand
Stephen Augustin
Robert Mayer
Joshua Gorman
V-22 Osprey Heavy Gross Weight Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) Evaluation
2006Stuart Hodgson
Andrew Shepherd
Innovations in Forward Centre of Gravity Testing for Harrier Aircraft