Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
2005Andrew Gill
Alex Bellamy
Flight Testing the Nimrod MRA4
2005Richard Salasovich
Paul Harmer
A Year of Bomber Test - Legacy and Lessons Learned
2005Ronald Harney Ship Suitability Testing - Preparing for the Future
2005Gerhard Mayer
Steve Lyons
Timothy Chalfant
Telemetry Band Augmentation: An Agenda Item at the Next World Radio Communication Council
2005Chris Greenbank
Alec Ayliffe
Assessing Human Factors in UK Military UAVs
2005John J Spravka
Deborah A Moisio
Mary G Payton
Unmanned Air Vehicles: A New Age in Human Factors Evaluations
2005Per Weinerfelt
Thomas Lampe
Yngve Sedin
Flight Test Verification of a Wake Vortices Model
2005Andrzej Panas
Janusz Terpilowski
Piotr Waslicki
Transient Temperature Measurements During In-Flight and Wind Tunnel Investigations of Icing Phenome
2005Hans-Christoph Oelker Introduction of a Workflow Tool in Support of Information Management within a Flight Test Organisat
2005Allan Webb
David Kidman
Donald Malloy
Knowledge Gained from F/A-22/F119 Propulsion System Ground and Flight Test Analysis
2005Grzegorz Kowaleczko Simulations and Reconstructions of Aircraft Flights and Accidents
2005George Kailiwai The United States Air Force Flight Test Center Experiment in Experimental Design
2005David Roberts
Aaron Judy
Separation Flight Tests of a Small Unmanned Air Vehicle from a C-130 Transport Aircraft
2005Altan Kayran Flight Flutter Testing of a Transport Aircraft with Wing Mounted Store Suspension - Lessons Learned
2005Simone Duranti
Viktor Malmfors
Flight Test of the Autonomous Take Off and Landing Functions of the SHARC Technology Demonstrator
2005Bengt Persson
Hilbert Gustafsson
The Flight of Phoenix
2005Claes Danielsson
Thomas Hylander
Bengt Olsson
Rolf Andersson
Swedish Evaluation of a MALE UAV-System in Civil and Military Airspace from a Civilian Airport
2005Malteesh Prabhu
PK Raveendran
Tejas Flight Test: Lessons Learned So Far
2005Paolo Chimetto
Rodolfo Carabelli
Early Flights Achievement with the Aermacchi M-346 Advanced Trainer
2005Mark Jordan Adding New Instrumentation to Aircraft Platforms
2005Henk Jentink
Rodney Bogue
Optical Air Flow Measurements for Flight Tests and Flight Testing Optical Air Flow Meters
2005Denis Lafourcade Conduct of Flight Tests and On-Board Computing for the A380
2005Ryan Murphy
Reid Wiseman
Christina Stack
T-45 Stability Augmented Steering Systems