Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
2004Guy Gratton
Simon Newman
The Tumble Mode - Where Test Pilots Fear to Tread!
2004Landon Henderson
Jeffrey DeJoannis
"Zoomie" Sailplane Spin Recovery and Crosswind Testing
2004Jason Russel
Leo Janssens
FAA Certification of the Liberty XL2
2004Mauro Quadro
Claudio Girolami
Gianluca Evangelisti
C27J Spartan - Paratroopers and loads airdrop qualification flight testing
2004Mark Godsland
Rob Humphries
Parachute Systems Testing - A Team Effort
2004Richard HuffmanGrowing the Raptor's Talons: F/A-22 Weapon Separation Testing
2004Anders Erlandsson
Johannes Joubert
Rikard Bergsten
An Effective and Multinational Gripen Store Separation Test Team
2004Ralf Vautz
Max Biedermann
Integration Approach and Flight Testing of an Experimental Multi-Platform Sensor Correlation System
2004Anthony Walker
Travis Higgs
Todd Ericson
F-16 Heavy Gross Weight Envelope Expansion Testing
2004PK Raveendran
RKS Bhadauria
Role of Flight Test in Bridging Technology Gap
2004Mike Adam-Swales
David McCullum
New for Old - Re-engining a Helicopter with Modern, Digitally Controlled Gas Turbines
2004Paul Hopkins
Phil O'Dell
John Bewick
Testing of a New Engine for Hawk
2004N Onopchenko
V Pugachyov
A Sheludko
2004Simone Duranti
Viktor Malmfors
Jonas Samuelsson
Flight Testing the SAAB UAV Demonstrator SHARC
2004Eduardo Menini
Gilberto Cardoso
Embraer 170/190 - A Team Effort in Designing and Testing the Angle of Attack Limiting System
2004Edward Strongman
Didier Ronceray
A340-600 Take Off Rotation Law and the Tailstrike Prevention Feature
2004Etienne deMallerayLow Speed M88 Test Campaign
2004Alex Bremridge
Mark Bowman
Automatic Low Speed Recovery
2004Vanessa Rebello
Richard Huffman
James Brown
The Raptor is now a Fighter: F/A22 Gun Integration Testing