Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
2000Laurent Lapierre In Service Event Analysis - a Flight Test Continuity
2000Dean Carico
Chuck Slade
Fiber Optic Ship Flight Deck Lighting for the New Millenium
2000M Salvatore
P Macor
Microwave Landing System Integration on IAF Tornado
2000David Roberts Innovations of the SUU-25F/A Flare Dispenser Pod Flight Test Program on the U.S. Navy F/A-18A Aircr
2000Roberto Sabatini
Flavio Guercio
A Marciante
G Campo
Laser Guided Bombs and Convertible Designation Pod Integration on Italian Tornado-IDS
2000G Gamalero
Rodolfo Carabelli
Alenia Flight Test: Where We Are Today and What We Are Doing for Our Future
2000M Benvegnù
M D'Urso
EMC System Tests on Aircraft
2000Chris Duckling Solid State Recorders for FTI
2000Mattias Bergström
Erik Söderström
Magnus Tormalm
The Introduction of Desktop Simulations in the Carefree manoeuvring Flight Test Program of JAS39 Gr
2000James Ford
Jay Bernheisel
Thomas Hane
Development of the New Airborne Icing Tanker
2000Allan Webb
Donald Malloy
David Kidman
Application of Modelling and SimulationTechniques to Propulsion System Data Validation and Analysis
2000Urban Blom Probo Tools Stella - a 4th Generation Data Analysis System
2000H Cassan Trouble Shooting Using Behaviour of Intrusive Noise
2000Marco Soijer Data Acquisition and Analysis Software as Real Time Processes
2000A Hass
D Ron
A Malul
A New Store Separation Test Method - Status Update
2000Joseph Turner
Rodney Davis
Flight Test Modified Mean Filter (A.K.A The Spike Killer)
2000Candida Olney
Heather Hillebrandt
Eric Reichenbach
An Evaluation Technique for an F/A-18 Aircraft Loads Model Using F/A-18 Systems Research Aircraft F
2000T Haringa
Sam Storm van Leeuween
Military Qualification of Fighter Aircraft in the Netherlands
2000G Pepicelli
V Afeltra
ATR 42 MP - Certification Program
2000Simon Turner Weapons Testing With a Civilian Test Pilot School
2000Anatoly Kruglov
Thomas Enyart
The Story of the Ilyushin-96T and the US-Russian Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
2000Alec Ayliffe
Gerald Schofield
UK Certification of Military UAVS
2000M Carter
P Wilson
Nimrod MRA4 - The Mighty Hunter
2000F Nicolosi
V Giordano
D Coiro
Flight Tests and Virtual Simulation of G97 Light Aircraft
2000Andrew Thurling
Andrew Adams
Kelly Greene
Shahnaz Punjani
Improving Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Handling Qualities by Compensating for Time Delay
2000Luigi Pascale
Francesco Marulo
Fabrizio Ricci
Assessment and Evolution of the Design of Ultralight Airplanes
2000Lee Peron F-22 Initial High Angle-of-Attack Flight Test Results
2000Mats Gustavson Testing of Long Range Weaponry
2000Daniel Hrehov What Instrumentation Engineers Need to Know About Lightning
2000Meinhard Schmuecker Low Cost Method to Check Long Term Behaviour of FTI for In-Flight Loads Measurement
2000Lee Eccles IEEE P1451.3 A Standard for Networked Transducers
2000Andreas Kaschub Flight Test Installation for Airbus A320 HLF Fin Programme
2000Lee Gardner
James Garling
Alfredo Berard
Managing and acquiring Test Data in the Information Age
2000J Klijn
P Koks
G Kobus
New Flight Test Instrumentation for the RNLAF F-16 MLU Aircraft