Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
1999Ulf Bladh The New Dynamic Flight Simulator for the Swedish Air Force
1999Marco Soijer Angle-of-Attack Vane Calibration in Non-stationary Flight
1999Tom Macdonald
Nat Raimondo
GPS as a TSPI Source on T&E Ranges, an Update and a Look into the Future
1999John Dickens EJ 200 Engine Integration into Eurofighter Typhoon
1999Matthias Cremer Integrated Measurement System in a Nose Boom of a Dornier 128-6
1999Jacques Da_Canal
Nathalie Nikels
The Instrumentation and Data Processing for Airbus Future Air Navigation System Flight Tests
1999William Ellis
Peter Travis
Nat Raimondo
British and United States Participation in a Demonstration of GPS Range Instrumentation
1999Claudio Lanari
Andrey Matveev
YAK/AEM 130 Jet Trainer: Flight Test Program Overview
1999Flavio Guercio
Roberto Sabatini
Salvatore Vignola
Eye-safety Analysis of Tactical Laser Systems
1999Alex Karolys
Bruce Swanson
Pressure Belt - A Smart Sensor Network System for Flight Test
1999Henk Jentink Flight Tests to Investigate Supercooled Large Droplets in Icing Conditions
1999Karl Bährle Test Principles and Analysis Methods Applied during the Tornado Self Protection Jammer TSPJ on Airc
1999Roberto Sabatini Precise DGPS and DGPS/INS Trajectography for Flight Testing
1999Paul Ellis The Jetstream Flying Testbed
1999Ken Ham
Henry Melton
Michael Tribino
Developing the Crosswind Takeoff and Landing Envelope for the F/A-18E/F "Super Hornet"
1999G Wende
S Ronig
High Precision Flight Performance Determination with GPS
1999Mattias Hansson Technical/Tactical Evaluation of the JAS 39 Gripen Aircraft