Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
1996C Keating The use of Differential GPS and a Hot Air Balloon for the Measurement of Helicopter Noise and Deter
1996Marie Goester
Yannick Diascorn
Test Methodology for Evaluation of Supercooled Large Droplets Effects
1996Lars-Ã…ke Holm
Jan Uhlin
SAAB MA Philosophy of Rig, Ground and Flight Testing Within the Systems and Flight Test Department
1996R Burton Loads Measurement Trials on Sea Harrier Undercariage During Ship Operations
1996Wilhelm Wessels The Characteristics of a "One-Stop" Test Range Service
1996D Canziani
D Bramé
V Pennetta
MB-339CD - In Flight Refuelling - Handling, Performance and Docking Trials
1996Paul Butcher
Michael Herr
The European Fighter Aircraft EF2000 Flight Test Programme Overview
1996K Edwards The Development of a Helicopter Visually-Coupled System Research Facility
1996Hans Brugman Video for Flight Test
1996Michael Norman Practical Telemetry in a Varied Test and Evaluation Environment
1996Alan Bezer
Duncan Webb
The Development and Management of Flight Test Instrumentation Systems for Operational Load Measurem
1996Zvi Shtayman Testing F/T New Technologies During a Certification Program
1996Kristin Strääf The Flight Test Instrumentation and Data Processing Systems Used for the JAS 39B Flight Tests
1996Luigi Pascale
Francesco Marulo
Flight Tests of a Type Certified Light Airplane
1996A R J Taylor The Pilatus PC12 Stall Protection System
1996P Duranti
Simone Duranti
Development and Flight Testing of an Electrically Powered Motor Glider