Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
1995Susan Whitley
Ricardo Traven
Alan Frazier
Developing Flight Test Techniques to Ensure Proper Rigging of Highly Augmented Aircraft
1995James Sergeant VISTA/F-16 Flight Test Program Overview
1995Alberto Folchini The Use of a Two Place ULM as a Flying Workbench for University Research and Students Training
1995Sean Roberts
Wendell Shawler
Safety and Flight Test
1995Arne Andersson Upgrading A/C 37 SAAB Viggen
1995Thomas Pugh U-2S Engine Flight Test Program
1995Sture Rodling
Olle Nyrinder
From MECS to PECS - Testing of the SAAB 2000 Elevator Control Systems
1995Eric Ryberg
Paul Conigliano
F-14 Digital Flight Control System: Integration, Simulation and Flight Test Update
1995Andrew Gill Flight Test Techniques for Weapon/Store Release Trajectory Analysis
1995H Friehmelt
S Weiss
D Rohlf
E Plaetschke
Using Single Surface Excitation for X31 System Identification at High AoA
1995Lee Peron
David Cloughley
Techniques used for the evaluation of Handling Qualities and Pilot-in-the-loop oscillation suscepti
1995William Norton Airload Flight Testing: New Realities and Old Methods
1995Richard McQuillan Realization of the EW T&E Process
1995Björn Kullberg HQDT - a Method for Predicting Handling Qualities in High Performance Aircraft
1995Mauro Quadro
M Gado
P Pellandino
Application of Differential GPS to Flight Testing - Experience Gained by Alenia Flight Test
1995Bengt Dellby GPS-Transponder - an Efficient Tool for Test Ranges
1995James Lackey
John Wheeler
A GPS Aided Altitude Reference Source for Air Data Testing
1995Börje Hjort
Anders Erlandsson
A Camera for Wide Angle Diffraction Optics HUD Image Reproduction. Realization and Applications in
1995Allen Smith Test Data Monitor System
1995Richard Ogburn The Modular Data Acquisition System (MODAS) and its role in UK Mod Flight Trials
1995Didik Permadi CN235-MIL Vehicle Transport Version Flight Test Program
1995Guy Destarac A 300-600 ST "Beluga" - Flight Tests
1995David Gibbings Rotodyne, the airliner whose hour came too soon
1995Reinhard Exner The X31-A Quasi-Tailless Flight Experiment
1995Ronald Hart
Kenneth Rawlings
B-2 Flight Test Program - Where are We?
1995Dennis Floyd Boeing 777-200 Flight Test Program Progress Report
1995Manfred Krebs
Max Biedermann
Modification and Testing of a Tupolev TU-i54M Aircraft for "Open Skies" Arial Observation