Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE EC.
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YearLecturers           TitleP
1994Frank Kaiser An 8-Cannel In-Flight Interior Acoustic Noise Analyzer for Production Flight Test
1994Paul Marchant Rugged Silicon Accelerometers for Flight Test Applications
1994A Fonseca
J Lima
The Portuguese Flight Test Facility
1994Chris Bound
Colin McDonald
The Development and Introduction of Flight Test Engineer Data Analysis System at A&AEE
1994Mervyn Knight
Alan Bezer
Use of Inexpensive Commercial Equipment to Reduce the Cost of Flight Test Instrumentation
1994Etienne Fellmann Monitoring Tools Used for A340/A330/A321 Flight Controls and Avionics Flight Test
1994C Leese Flight Testing of the Tornado Mid Life Update (GR4)
1994Paul Louwaard How to Make a Fokker 70 Prototype in Six Months
1994G Arpaia
G Campo
Convertible Laser Designation POD: Integration Flight Test Experience Acquired on Italian IDS Torna
1994Sam Storm van Leeuween
Ron van de Leijgraaf
A Position Reference System for Flight Tests Based on GPS/IRS Integration
1994P Manders
C Bogers
A Flight Test Avionics Data Acquisition System for Future Fokker Aircraft
1994M Kennedy Assessment of the Datalink System on Tornado ADV
1994Thomas Lampe Atmospheric Turbulence in Flight Testing - Not only a Problem
1994Lars Olert
Torbjörn Karlsson
Flutter Testing Methods at SAAB Military Aircraft
1994H Muhammad
J Mulder
Identification of Turboprop Thrust from Flight Test Data
1994John Curley Flight Test Pressure Sensors
1994Max Biedermann
Gerhard Henselman
Flight Testing of the German Tornado Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance Aircraft