FTE Exchange Program
The following documents contains information about the SFTE EC FTE Exchange Program.
Application form
Performed exchanges
SFTE EC Scholarship
The application can be submitted to the SFTE EC Board Secretary. Winners will be contacted and will also be published on the exchange overview.
Report from SFTE EC FTE exchange oct-nov 2007
During October and November of 2007 Andrea Marey from Military Air System (Manching, Germany) and Alexandre Buisson from Airbus (Toulouse, France) took part in the SFTE exchange programme. This short report provides some details of the exchange and gives an overview of any lessons learnt by both parties. Andrea works as a system engineer in flight test for the Tornado Defensive Aids Subsystem and Alexandre works on the test means development and maintenance for all Airbus programs.
Report from SFTE EC FTE exchange oct-nov 2007
Report from SFTE EC FTE exchange jan-feb 2005
During January and February of 2005 Madeleine Schmidt from Saab Aerosystems (Linköping, Sweden) and Jamie Wright from BAE Systems (Warton, England) took part in the SFTE exchange programme. The report (use the link below) provides some details of the exchange and gives an overview of lessons learnt by both parties. Madeleine works as a flight test engineer (rig-, ground- and flight tests) for the fuel system in the Gripen aircaft. Jamie works at the Operations and Planning Section for the Nimrod. Report from SFTE EC FTE exchange jan-feb 2005
SFTE EC FTE Exchange Scholarship Award
In order to enhance the SFTE exchange programme, the Board of the European Chapter (EC) has decided to found a Flight Test Engineer Exchange Scholarship Award.

The Scholarship is intended to promote reciprocal initiatives between companies / individuals, with the intention that each applicant shall participate in flight test activities in the receiving company to widen knowledge and experience.

To apply for the Scholarship, an agreement must be reached between the two companies with flight test activities, that each company accepts to host a FTE from the other company for two weeks, and in exchange send one of its own FTE´s to the other company.

The exchange shall permit the visiting FTE to participate in flight test activities and learn about the hosting company’s way of performing flight testing, so that the visiting FTE will gain new experiences and perhaps fresh ideas for his work in his own company.

The intention is also to give the exchange FTE´s new contacts in other companies and countries, to add to the network of contacts that is the basic “raison d´être” for SFTE.

The intention of the Scholarship is to financially facilitate such an exchange, all costs exceeding the scholarship being financed by the FTE or their Company. Also, all other aspects, such as Non Disclosure Agreements, must be handled by the exchanging companies.

To establish a well planned and successful exchange, a plan for each visit with a simple budget as well as a brief description of each applicant’s goals and expectations shall be written and appended to the application.

To ascertain that the exchange has taken place and to a reasonable degree fulfilled the plans and expectations, an exchange report describing the performed exchange shall be written and sent to the SFTE EC Board Secretary. The exchange report will be published on the EC website.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment of the Scholarship will be split equally between the two companies (or individuals if their company so decides).

To receive payment, bank account details must be provided together with the report described above.

Rules for the SFTE EC FTE Exchange Scholarship Award
The Scholarship shall be awarded to a selected pair of members or FTE´s employed by a corporate member company, one from each of two different companies, who meet the following criteria:
  • The Scholarship covers the exchange of a pair of engineers for a period of no less than two weeks each.
  • Applicants shall be SFTE EC members in good standing, or employees of an SFTE EC corporate member company, and be under 35 years of age at the commencement of the exchange.
  • Applicants shall be in fulltime employment in a flight test related environment with 1-8 years of experience of flight testing within the aerospace industry.
  • The award is set to a maximum of €2000 per exchange. The amount is subject to a yearly review by the SFTE EC Board. If more than one exchange is successful in being selected then the total amount will be split equally. However, in such a case, the selected applicants will be approached.
  • The Scholarship winners, if any, will be announced by the Secretary no later than 2 months after the application cut off date.
  • The SFTE EC Board of Directors will determine the winners of the Scholarship. When a Scholarship applicant is related to a member of the Board of Directors that Director must notify the Board and must be excluded from the Scholarship selection process. The Scholarship Chairman will choose a replacement if required to reach a quorum. This replacement shall be a Society member who is not related to any of the applicants.
  • The Scholarship recipients shall write an Exchange Report after completion, briefly describing their experiences.
  • The Scholarship will be paid to the recipients no later than 3 weeks after a notification of exchange completion has reached the SFTE EC Board and the Board has had a meeting. The exchange completion is taken as the receipt of a satisfactory Exchange Report by the Secretary.
  • Those who applied in previous years, but were not selected, are eligible to apply for an exchange scholarship again.
  • Applications must be sent either via e-mail, fax or post to the SFTE EC Secretary by the date announced on the website. Application forms can be downloaded from the EC website. The secretary’s e-mail address is available on the EC website,