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2.9.3 Society of Flight Test Engineers Fellow
The highest grade achievable in the Society is a Society of Flight Test Engineers Fellow. A Fellow has been a Senior Member in good standing for at least two years and has attained a position of notable distinction in the field of flight-testing. Fellows are elected by their peers (those Fellows in good standing) and are awarded automatic lifetime membership in the Society along with the distinction and responsibility associated with this honour.

1994    Richard Abrams (Deceased)
1994 Charles E. Adolph Albuquerque, New Mexico
1994 Roger C. Crane Lancaster, California
1994 Jack Strier (Deceased)
1994 Eugene J. Zehr Manchester, Missouri
1995 Donald D. Archer Clinton, Washington
1996 Clauton E. Houston Marietta, Georgia
1997 Charles V. Van Norman Wellington, Nevada
1998 John W. Beckett Irving, Texas
1999 Allan T. Webb Lancaster, California
2000 Dave J. Houle Laguna Beach, California
2001 James V. Upton Canyon Country, California
2002 Randall C. Smith Bell Helicopter - Textron

2.9.4 Student Scholarship
Recognition for outstanding scholastic achievement consists of an annual scholarship(s) given to a deserving student(s) in the name of the Society. Applicant shall be the son or daughter of a Society member in good standing or a student member in good standing, have completed his or her college freshman year, be majoring in engineering, computer sciences, mathematics, physics or other technical discipline.
The Society Board of Directors will determine the winner of the scholarship. Son(s) or daughter(s) of the current Society Board of Directors will not be eligible to compete.
Scholastics, as opposed to need, shall be a primary consideration for the award. Scholarships are awarded for a period of one year, with previous winners and applicants eligible to reapply.
The scholarship winner(s), if any, will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting or Symposium.

The scholarship program is a strong and important part of our society's tradition. Our generous members managed to donate a large amount of money bringing the total contribution since 1984 to more than $ 50,000. (Note: Several European Chapter members have benefited from these scholarships.)