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2.9.2 Directors' Award
The Directors’ Award for exceptional dedication and service to the Society is awarded periodically. Recipients so far have been:

1985    Roger H. Jones
Robert D. Johnstone
1986 Jack Strier USAF
1987 Ronald E. Hart
George Gayes
1988 Clayton E. Houston Lockheed
1991 Wim Dijkshoorn Fokker (retired)
1992 John A. Taylor Veda
1993 J. Roy Combley Boeing
1994 Gösta Niss Saab-Scania (retired)
1995 William Cutler Northrop - Grumman
1996 Roger L. Counts TYBRIN Corporation
1997 Clifford E. Moore Boeing
1998 Harold E. Weaver Boeing
1999 Franz Enzinger Daimler Chrysler Aerospace, Germany
2000 Alan R. Lawless National Test Pilot School
2001 Allan T. Webb U.S. Air Force
2002 Lee S. Gardner
Darcy S. Painter
Air Force Flight Test Center
Air Force Flight Test Center

Three European Chapters members have been awarded the Director’s Award so far. In 1991 Wim Dijkshoorn, first European Chapter President was awarded (see foundation history at previous paragraph 3.1).

In 1994 the Society awarded the Directors' Award to Gösta Niss. Gösta has been a member of the Saab-Scania Company since 1953 and holds a master's degree in aeronautical engineering. He joined the Flight Test Department at Saab-Scania AB in Linköping, Sweden, as a flight test engineer in flight dynamics and has devoted his entire professional life to the flight testing and evaluation of all aircraft developed by Saab-Scania, from Saab 29, "The Flying Barrel", to the current ongoing projects the JAS39 "Gripen" and the Saab 2000. Worthy of special mention is his involvement with and important work on spin testing of both the Saab 35 "Draken" and the Saab 37 "Viggen".

As test manager, Gösta Niss was responsible for the development of test methods as well as for test instrumentation and data reduction. Another area in which he has been deeply involved is the testing of advanced escape systems for the Saab developed and produced military aircraft. In 1990 he was appointed member of the "JAS Envelope Expansion Group". Proof of his expertise is the fact that, at the time of retirement, he was requested to still remain with Saab flight test for leading the group and carrying out the high incidence trials of the JAS "Gripen".
Gösta Niss holds a pilot's license for single engine aircraft as well as for sailplanes, and he has won several national and local awards in sport flying competitions. Through his enthusiastic and professional approach to problems in many areas of flight testing, especially flight dynamics and methods to describe and evaluate aircraft behaviour, he has been a very important cog in the successful development of aircraft in Sweden which have been in the forefront of technology. This has made him a very good "teacher" for the new generations of flight test engineers. He joined SFTE in 1971 as the first Swedish member (membership No. 500). The results of his work through the years have been also given in three papers at SFTE symposia in 1974, 1975, and 1978. Gösta was an eager promoter for the creation of a European chapter in 1990 and was subsequently re-elected for another biennium.

In 1999 Franz Enzinger's commitment to helping lead the growth of the European Chapter earned him the Directors' Award for exceptional dedication and service to the Society of Flight Test Engineers. Franz is a Senior Member of the European Chapter. He joined SFTE in 1987 and soon after became the Chapter representative on the Technical Council, a position he held until June 1999. In 1993 he was elected Vice President of the Chapter. From 1995 to 1999 he served two terms as President. He was Chairman and led the organising committee for the 1992 European Chapter Symposium in Munich, Germany and the 1995 26th Annual International Symposium in Berlin, Germany.

Since its foundation in 1987 Franz had played an active part in the growth of the European Chapter and contributed significantly to what it represents today, some 200 members in 13 different countries.
Franz is also a graduate of the German Airforce/USAF Pilot Training and Fighter Weapons School. As an operational pilot he flew more than 1000 hours in the Lockheed F-104 G Starfighter. In 1976 he joined Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm (now Daimler Chrysler Aerospace) as a flight test engineer on the Tornado programme. During his 17 years in flight test he held the positions of head of Avionics/Armament, Flight Test Engineering, Flight Test Operations, Flight Test Manager Eurofighter and Deputy Director Flight Test. In addition to his experience and involvement in all major flight test programmes, between 1982 and 1986 he led the Avionics/Armament design team for the future German/European fighter. Franz currently is the Director Marketing/Programmes at the company's Manching plant.

In addition to his membership of SFTE, Franz is a member of AIAA, where he worked for 10 years on the Flight Test Technical Committee, a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and has published papers for SFTE Symposia, AIAA Flight Test Conferences, ITEA and AGARD.