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2.9 Awards

2.9.1 "Kelly" Johnson Award
The prestigious "Kelly" Johnson Award for outstanding achievements in the field of Flight Test Engineering is awarded annually. Recipients so far have been:

1973   Kelly JohnsonLockheed
1974Ronald A. MagnusonBell Helicopter
1975 Jack StrierUSAF
1976 Harold CheneyMcDonnell Douglas
1977Richard AbramsRockwell
1978 Robert D. SamuelsonMcDonnell Douglas
1979 Spirit "TM"Flight Test TeamSikorsky
1980 Donald D. ArcherBoeing
1981 XV-15 Test TeamBell Helicopter
1982 Frederick W. SchaeferGrumman
1983 Frederick StolkerUSAF
1984 James LincolnBoeing
1985 Chester B. PayneLockheed
1986 Charles E. AdolphUSAF
1987 William E. JenningsBell Helicopter
1988 Eugene J. ZehrMcDonnel Douglas
1989 Kenneth W. IliffNASA
1990 Roger C. CraneUSAF
1991 (J-Stars) E-8 Radar System USAF, USA,Grumman Test Team
1992 Donald R. "Sam" Wyrick(Posthumously awarded)Lockheed
1993 David Gibbings (Eur.Chapter) Westland
1994 F-16 MATV Test TeamGE, LFWC
1995 Joseper L. DunnNaval Air Test Center, Patuxent River
1996 Charles Van NormanUSAF Fit. Test Center, Edwards
1997 Richard R. HildebrandUSAF
1998 Anatoly G. KruglovAviation Register, Moscow, Russia
1999 R. Dale ReedNASA Dryden Flight Research Center
2000 Frank W. BurchamNASA Dryden Flight Research Center
2001 Col. George Ka’iliwaiIII Commandant, USAF Test Pilots School
2002 Charles E. ‘Chuck’ WebbNaval Air Warfare Center Aircraft division
David Gibbings, Westland, European Chapter member, received Kelly Johnson Award 1993

Mr. Anatoly G. Kruglov is Chairman of the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee, located in Moscow, Russia. In this position, Mr. Kruglov is chief of the agency that handles all civil certification issues for the Confederation of Independent States.

In 1960, Mr. Kruglov began working as an aeronautical engineer at the State Scientific Research Institute of the former aircraft, and he advanced within this organisation to Chief of the Flight Test Branch. Since the first days of the foundation of the State Aviation Register of the USSR (analogous to the FAA in the USA) in 1974, Mr Kruglov worked in this body as Chief of the Aircraft Certification Branch, then as department chief, and then as Chairman of the Aviation Register. In spite of his many duties in this position, he continues to participate directly in flight tests of the latest aircraft, often serving as a flight crew member and flight test engineer.

Throughout his outstanding 38-year career in flight test engineering, Mr. Kruglov has been directly involved in testing 97 types of civil airplanes and helicopters manufactured in Russia, the Ukraine and several other countries. He has participated in the flight tests of 47 aircraft types as flight crew member and flight test engineer.

During his career, Mr. Kruglov has specialised in many of the more critical test phases, such as airspeed and g-load envelop expansion, high angle-of-attack tests, engine and critical system failure testing, and flights in severe ambient conditions. Among the programs he has conducted are the Tu-104 and Tu-154 flight tests including full-scale simulation of critical flight modes, conducted to discover causes of aircraft crashes; tests of the Tu-114 under excessive take-off gross weights and with two engines failed and tests of the supersonic Tu-144.

In addition to Mr. Kruglov’s contributions in numerous flight test programs, he has facilitated the development of new flight test methods and aircraft certification processes, and significantly furthered the harmonisation of these processes between the FAR (Federal Regulations) and JAR (Joint European Regulation). For his contribution to aviation, he was awarded with governmental orders, as well as the Yury Gagarin and Andrey Tupolev medals. He has helped develop a generation of Russian and Ukrainian flight test engineers.