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The Society is a fraternity of engineers, whose principal professional interest is the flight testing of aircraft, with the purpose of advancing flight test engineering throughout the industry by providing technical and fraternal communication among individuals, both domestic and international, in the allied engineering fields of test operations, analysis, instrumentation and data systems.

2.1 Background
The Society of Flight Test Engineers started at the Boeing Aircraft Company in Seattle, Washington, in 1968. The individuals who founded the Society saw a need for improved communication in the field of flight test engineering and stated their thoughts extremely well in the SFTE Constitution.
The Society's about 1000 members are affiliated with aviation interests ranging from home-built airplanes to air transport and military aircraft. Although for more than ten years mainly a U.S.A. organisation, the Society now consists of many more overseas members partly due to a shrinking U.S. industry and partly due to some growth in other countries.
This change has been reflected in both the individual and the corporate membership. While the number of individual and corporate members has decreased in the U.S., there has been again a corresponding increase in the members and companies from Europe and Asia. Members are also represented from around twenty different countries. This has been a reflection of the current trends within the industry, and we can expect to see more members and companies from outside of the U.S. in the future.
The international Headquarters moved into new offices in September 1991. This move out of the Society of Experimental Test Pilot's (SETP) building in Lancaster was needed due to growing storage and office area problems. The relationship with SETP began in 1968, and it continues to be a co-operative one with their collaboration on the Technical Notebook started by SFTE Technical Council. The International Headquarters is now housed in efficient-sized offices in nearby Palmdale, California.

2.2 SFTE Board of Directors 2002 -
Franz-Josef EnzingerPresident
Harold E. WeaverVice President
Robert N. BurtonSecretary
Larry W. StebbinsTreasurer
Dean CaricoDirector
Kari J. SeppanenDirector
Gregory S. SwallowDirector
Joseph G. TurnerDirector
Margaret DruryExecutive Director
Joseph T. DagataPast President
Dennis J. WolstenholmNewsletter Editor
Roger L. CountsSFTE WebMaster
Dean CaricoTechnical Council Chairman

2.3 Previous Presidents
1969 - 1970 Bruce Inman
1970 - 1971George Clarke
1971 - 1972Bernard Stuber
1972 - 1975Robert Johnstone
1975 - 1978Charles Adolph
1978 - 1980John Somsel
1980 - 1982Gerald Jones
1982 - 1984John Ligon
1984 - 1986Ronald Hart
1986 - 1988Roger Jones
1988 - 1990James Upton
1990 - 1992David Houle
1992 - 1994Mark K. Miller
1994 - 1998Allan T. Webb
1998 - 2000James Sergeant
2000 - 2002Joe Dagata