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3.4 SFTE European Chapter Symposia
After its foundation in 1987 our Chapter immediately took the initiative to undertake the organisation of an annual mini-symposium, limited to two days, to be rotationally held in one of the members Countries. The first one, in fact, was held in 1988 at Rochester, England. Since then every year a Symposium has been organised, in the following places/dates:
1989    Paris (France) 2nd Mini-Symposium
1990 Linköping (Sweden) 3rd Mini-Symposium
1991 Pratica di Mare (Italy) 4th Mini-Symposium
1992* Munich (Germany) (*) 5th Symposium
1993 Cranfield (England) 6th Symposium
1994 Amsterdam (Holland) 7tth Symposium
1995 Berlin (Germany) 26th Annual Symposium
1996 Blackpool (U.K.) 8th Symposium
1997 Toulouse (France) 9th Symposium
1998 Linköping (Sweden) 10th Symposium
1999 Delft (The Netherlands) 11th Symposium
2000 Turin (Italy) 31st Annual Symposium
2001 Söderköping (Sweden) 12th Symposium
* Due to the progressively growing success, the event matured to full scale and in 1992 the organising committee decided to delete the "mini" from our Symposium title.

The following pages provide a brief history on previous symposia. The European Chapter Board is very grateful to all organisers, authors and particularly to the Companies/organisations which have hosted and supported the Symposia.