For input to the next SFTE EC board meeting, send an e-mail to Henk Jentink or Jesús Javier Fernández Orío.
Executive Board
Board meetings are held 2-3 times per year. One of theese - the Annual Business Meeting - is held in connection with the SFTE EC annual symposium. Our board meetings are arranged to fit in with the planning for the next symposium and are therefore often located in the host country for the symposium.
The SFTE EC president meets with the SFTE board at the main SFTE annual symposium, normally in USA.
Another forum for contact within SFTE is the Technical Council.

Henk Jentink     (Netherlands)

Flight Test Systems & Applications Department,
Aerospace Systems Division, NLR.

Christian Buck     (Sweden)
Vice President

Flight Test and Verification, Saab Aerosystems.
Senior Advisor, Flight Test Engineering

Jesús Javier Fernández Orío     (Spain)

Flight Test Engineer
INTA (Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aerospacial)
Rudolf Heinzinger     (Germany)

EADS, Defense & Security, Military Aircraft.
Senior Advisor, Avionics Flight Test.
Directors at Large

A "Director at Large" is a board member who is elected by the board to serve as the board's long arm, by which the environment can be sensed and influenced.

Denis Lafourcade     (France)
Director at Large

Head of Data Processing
Flight and Integration Tests Centre
Dennis Morley     (England)
Director at Large

Chief Flight Test Engineer and Flight Test Manager
Tornado/Harrier BAE SYSTEMS.
Deputy Chairman of the Preston Branch of
the Royal Aeronautical Society.
Alessandro Ferretti     (Italy)
Director at Large